Peacock Wedding Interpretations

I believe you would agree that the peacock is one of the most beautiful and inspiring creatures for a wedding theme. So many colors and textures to choose from, so many ideas!

Keep in mind though that the peacock themed wedding can easily go over the top with so many rich and powerful colors. Unless that’s what you intended – sometimes over the top is gorgeous. Just be careful, keep the level of taste high and please don’t put feathers everywhere you can – this is your wedding, not a zoo!

So one of the ways that you can go with is that decadent, bohemian style without being too literal and obvious. You can combine teal, turquoise, blue and green with gold, brown or purple shades. Here is one color combo that I like:


Image source: Wine Glasses / Invitation / DressBoutonniere / Wedding Cake / Headpiece

Here is a closeup of this Indian style paisley invite:

Paisley Wedding invitation Teal & Gold

You can order the Paisley DIY templates in my Etsy shop – Shishko Templates.

Using almost the same colors, you can go with much lighter, sophisticated and modern decor, still keeping the peacock as the main theme in the details and small accents. Here is my interpretation:


Image source: Bangle / Bridal Dress / Ring Bearer Pillow / Invitation / Wedding Cake / Bridesmaid / Bedroom

Here is the Peacock Feather printable wedding set:

Peacock Feather Wedding invitation set

Which one is your favorite?

You can purchase the Peacock Feather templates from my Etsy shop – Shishko Templates.

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